10 kwietnia 2010



The last time I "moved" a blog, a nice little note automatically appeared telling wayward users where the new location was. Not so this time, I guess...

So...the new location with the slicker interface is at...


Thanks, y'all.

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20 listopada 2009


Because You Are All Dying for My Opinion

Yep, the league did not get their Beckham/Donovan v Blanco/McBride showdown that would have made for easy promotion. Instead they have the Scruffy Underdogs v Glamor Boys contest.

Yep, this means Alan Gordon is now a glamor boy.

The commentary from LA fans I have read say they are worried about these "Underdogs" of Real Salt Lake. I dunno. There have only been two "scrappy underdogs" that I can think of that made it this far: New York (who weren't so much scrappy as lucky) and Colorado. Both ended up losing in the end. My prediction for the final: 3 - 1 LA.

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03 listopada 2009


Just a Place Along the Way...

I decided to stop by Lucky Wishbone on my way home from work. It seems that every time I visit Lucky Wishbone, I see a someone who is unusually obese. This has to be just coincidence, right?

There is one major deficiency with the Lucky Wishbone on 22nd...they give you a printed receipt with a number. Everyone knows the proper way to get a number at Lucky Wishbone: a white poker chip with the number written in marker. Pre-printed ticket? An abomination.

I ordered a Jr. Steak Fingers and a Jr. Shrimp. They really oughta have a meal with both, but what do I know?

Anyway, while waiting, the PA system started playing Huey Lewis's "Power of Love." What was most disturbing was that I knew all the words.

It did get worse: the next song was "You're Beautiful." When I am done on this Earth and have to spend some time in Purgatory for the sinful life I have led, this song will be playing. When it came out, I thought we had reached the nadir of smarmy pop songs. We did, but things haven't gone up on a trajectory I'd like.

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31 października 2009


Halloween Tale

A couple of Halloweens ago, I went to see Hotel Congress for their annual party. I went with my friend Natalie and my friend Collette. At the end of the night, I had to take both of them home. Collette needed to be dropped off at some neighborhood off of Ft. Lowell. It was one of those oddly laid out neighborhoods in that part of town: short side streets, small duplexes on over-sized lots, architecturally out of place condominiums, higher end trailer parks and of course, no street lighting.

We dropped Collette off at one of those condominiums on one of those short side streets and came back out on to a more main drag to get to Ft. Lowell. On the way, down, I see a woman in a dark dress waving the car down. I hit the breaks but she was swallowed up by the darkness.

Nataile says, "What are you doing?"

"There was a woman waving us down, didn't you see her?"

"Stop it! It's not funny! You know I grew up hearing stories about la Llorona!"

"No, I saw her!"

"Shut up! It isn't funny!"

I did see that woman. I don't know what was up.

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29 października 2009


Catching Up and Missing Pima Burgers

I haven't posted in a while...then again, how many of you have been checking?

Made several trips up and down I-10 over the past few months. I was disappointed to find that the Indian Center near Tonopah has shut down. I never checked out the museum, but they had a restaurant there where they served "Pima Burgers." These were regular old hamburgers, but with roasted green chilies. When I worked at the litigation support outfit and had to go back and forth to Phoenix often, I'd time my trips so that lunch or dinner time would coincide with being near that exit.

When I get to pick my last meal, the Pima Burger may eclipse the Sonoran Hot Dog. Heck, if I'm going to die anyway, why not both?

Now that exit just features a Shell station where you can get Noble Roman pizza. There is nothing noble nor Roman about it.

Two news stories: an American sailor took some potshots at a warehouse in Gdynia. And we wonder why folks in other countries have a low opinion of us.

I enjoyed this one too. Money quote: "He then searched the SUV, where he found a Viagra pill and several sex toys, items Corning said he always kept with him, 'just in case,' according to the report." Yeah, don't we all do that?

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18 sierpnia 2009


We Drive 300 Miles, and there is Al Foul

Me and Caitlin were up in Flagstaff for a Democratic party meeting. We check the local weekly, and there it is: Al Foul was playing that night.

We joked that we drove 300 miles and now we are about to see a guy that we can probably see next week at the Surly Wench.

As we found out later, he will be playing the Wench on Saturday.

Anyhow, we spoke to him before the show and he talked about how much he loves playing in Flagstaff and how much he loves the venue, the Hotel Monte Vista. The Monte Vista, according to Al, was designed by the same architect as Hotel Congress.

He told us how good he feels about the shows he does at Monte Vista. I could see why. These folks in Flagstaff lionized him. During a break in his set, he was mobbed by adoring fans and some even got their pictures with him. It was a funny sight for me and Caitlin; I suppose we have gotten too used to seeing him.

Hasta la proxima. Do zobaczenia.

02 sierpnia 2009


Silver Thread Trio, Sand Rubies and Gila Bend at Plush

You look at the bill and see Sand Rubies and Gila Bend and your first thought is to see if it is still 1993. You half expect 35 Summers or Shoebomb to round things out.

The Silver Thread Trio was an odd choice for this line up, but they were excellent. How do we manage to breed so many talented folks like this in our humble burg?

The Sand Rubies went on just before eleven and had a couple of slip ups that lead singer Dave Slutes said were attributable to lack of rehearsing. We don't care, it's the Rubies...they can do what they want.

Here they are performing "Satellite Radio" off of their latest album:

"Bad, Crazy Sun" off of their 1989 release, Witchdoctor:

Playing, by audience request, their hit (yes, it charted) "Witchdoctor." The excited "Yeah!" comes from long time fan Elizabeth Cherry.

"Goodbye" off of the album Sand Rubies:

It made sense for Gila Bend to be at the top of the bill, since we never get to see them play anymore. The lighting was different for them, so the video isn't as clear. It's hard to spot local music demigods Al Perry or Tom Larkins, but they are up there. Here they are doing their tribute to local hippie culture, "Dog With a Bandanna." Loren Dierks hasn't lost any of his chops with either his guitar or his working an audience:

"Me and the Cat:"

Performing "Steakhouse" and "Face of an Angel:"

Hasta la proxima. Do zobaczenia.

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